Mabel makes her debut.

After twenty years of keeping chickens I have had to give up. I was finding it too hard to lug sacks down to the bottom of my garden, and mucking out would take a full afternoon. Add to that the fact I eat very few eggs and was always giving them away, it did seem sensible to stop! I was always rushing around, and it has helped a bit. It seems therefore quite appropriate that my chicken keeping should be commemorated with a suitable bag. I consider myself short of handbags. Never mind I have a drawer full….I tend to use the same one over and over again until it is worn out. I have also had a sudden felting phase. Hence you see before you …. Mabel. Crocheted and felted in Cascade yarn 220, this was a fun project although for some reason I got supremely stuck as the beginning. It’s amazing how our habit govern our expectations. I assumed the bottom of the bag would be symmetrical, so, despite the instructions I struggled several times to make it so. It was only after I contacted the designer that I found I had been doing it right all along. I ended up with a bird that was reversed from the original pattern and considerably longer, although it really didn’t matter. This was the outcome of watching TV at the same time. I shortened her legs, convinced that they would drive me barmy by being constantly shut in the car door. It is a good thing I did as her feet would otherwise drag on the floor. The pattern is on Ravelry and can be found by clicking the link  here.


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