My daughter bought my grand daughter an English bulldog a few months ago and this will be his first Christmas. I have pointed out to him that it is very important to put your stocking out for Santa. Santa will of course know where to go because there is a ‘Santa stop here’ sign outside. This is for the dog, my grand daughter is 15! I gather his letter to Santa asked for crunchy peanut butter, sardines and squeaky toys. We will have to see how well behaved he is. I go over once a week when he takes me for a walk.  I took his stocking over yesterday as he has had to go into hospital today to have his plumbing sorted. He is so soppy he was actually pleased to go back to the vets! I am sure by now he is going off the idea. As you can see they have named him Roy, and the whole family is soppy over him. God knows how big he will be when he is fully grown.

The stocking is made from recycled double ply yarn worked double to make Aran weight. It was a very quick and easy pattern, the only slight problem I had was sewing the bone on centrally! It needed blocking because I didnt steam the yarn first to take the kinks out. The pattern was Dog Paws Christmas Stocking  and I found it on Ravelry. Click here.