Marine wreath

Doing too many things simultaneously has finally caught up with me. I have had to make a decision to give up the chickens. These days I go to so many differing groups I can barely keep up with myself. I was a bit surprised how much extra time not having the chickens has given me….after all I don’t do much with them each day. Having done in my leg lugging some feed around I have finally had to accept defeat. Although not entirely, as I may keep a couple of bantams in an Eglu at some stage.

In the meantime I am going to a Thursday Knit and Natter group. It tends to be more natter than knit, so I have decided just to do sewing up when I go! This easy crochet wreath is by Petra Herrman on Ravelry. It was translated from German and at times was a little difficult to follow, that said anyone with experience should cope. You can click here to see the pattern.

I made it for my bathroom, to match some tiles and a medicine cabinet I did a while back. I chose cotton to cope with the steam. 11059608_10153654821548720_7988125839896988005_nMy only problem now is that I am completely gutting and redoing my bathroom in about a year! The medicine cabinet was simply repainted and decoupaged with tissue, the tiles were painted with ceramic paint and baked. I like the sea, probably because I grew up with it, and am a Cancerian!20140322_163429



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