Copper Sulphate and frustration with Internet claims!

I am trying to produce Copper Sulphate and am getting increasingly irritated by some claims on the Internet, including one woman who posted that ‘her liquid went bright blue instantly’! I fail to see why a chemical reaction should occur more quickly in some places than others.       (Even Jenny Dean, the doyenne of natural dyeing, says it takes 7 – 10 days.)  In order to get this amazing response she had taken some copper pennies, and put it in water , ‘with a dash of vinegar’ ! Up goes a pic of a brilliant turquoise! Similarly regrowing spring onion roots did not mean ‘I need never buy them again’-  in fact I found sticking them in water more effective for keeping them alive and simply cut the tops of when I want some. My succulent wreath was not ‘covered in a fortnight’ either. Even accounting for climate difference it appears that plants grow like the Triffids in some quarters. I put my wreath in the sunniest part of a south facing garden and feed it regularly, it IS showing signs of growth but no, it was not ‘covered in a fortnight’ as some sites would have you believe. Yes, I have taken into account all of the variables, but none of them would account for such amazing differences in performance.  Now come on, lets be realistic shall we?

This is day three of the Copper Sulphate production…..I will post up some REALISTIC results. For the record, Dean recommends 50% water and 50% white vinegar…quite how the blogger got such amazing results with a weaker solution is beyond me, particularly as the pennies shown contain less copper!


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