I had to run up a scarf quickly for my daughters wedding, both daughters got married within three weeks of each other! I was wearing a Lagenlook dress and just wanted something for the neckline. This pattern is versatile, you can increase it width ways and have a shorter scarf , or you can omit the fringe. If you are doing a fringe I suggest you set aside enough yarn early on so you can then knit without worrying about it.I usually measure how much yarn it takes to do the fringe right at the beginning and then double the amount. In this case I made the fringe alternatively short and long, to reflect the Lagenlook effect. This is a very versatile pattern. I used size 6.5 mm needles.

Yarn –  Colinette Giotto I hank.

Tension – Not important.

Cast on 15 knitways ( can be varied)

Rows 1-2 Knit.

Row 3 Purl one .( Wrap yarn twice round right Hand needle purlwise, purl one) to end

Row 4 Knit one.( Slip two loops off of needle and knit next stitch) , repeat to end .

Row 5 Rep row 3.

Row 6 Rep row 4

Rows 7 -10 Knit .

Repeat pattern rows 3-10 to desired length.

Add fringe if wanted.DSC_0005