I have just come back from Iceland where I bought some fish leather. I found out about it just before I went as I saw it edging a felted bag someone had made at my spinning group. At first I thought it was snake. I would never approve of killing an animal for its skin, I was shocked to see they still sell real fur there. If I wore fur back in the UK I would get a very frosty reception, I can’t recall the last time I saw it sold. Even charity shops can’t sell fur these days as no sensible woman would be seen dead in it.

However this looks like a nice medium and it strikes me as very green to use the skins of the fish to produce products rather than throw them away. I didn’t  know if fish leather is produced in other countries than Iceland but apparently they are looking at developing this in Nairobi, where it makes excellent use of a material that is normally discarded and is obviously suited to developing countries. I see great potential for its use worldwide..Now I have to decide what to do with it. I bought two skins by accident, I was engaged in conversation. Had I known I was buying two I would have got different colours. I have never tried making anything with this before so when I do it will be an experiment. In the meantime I have started a Pinterest board to post up ideas.https://www.pinterest.com/pamchan2/fish-leather/  I have thought about using it for applique either on felt or heavy material, and the idea of making a bracelet sounds relatively easy. As I have never tried making anything in leather I probably need some patterns.  If any of you have used fish leather please let me know, and tell us how you got on with it.DSC_0001