Very quick mohair beanie- free pattern -stashbust project number 19

I am not doing very well with my stash reduction… fast as I am doing it I am adding more with my spinning, in fact I reckon it is accumulating! I honestly don’t need any more clothes, but needs must……………..

I had less just  than a full ball of mint coloured mohair so made this up very quickly to try to use it up.  The pattern is a very simple lace stitch. To start cast on sufficient stitches to go up the depth of your head. ( This is knitted sideways.) I used 5mm needles, again you can make this using a variety or yarns or needle sizes depending on the lace effect you want to achieve, obviously if you use a heavier yarn you will need more than I used for a light mohair. This pattern would not be suitable for a very thick yarn though as you need to gather it.

simple ladder lace – Cast on 32 sts – or required number of stitches in a multiple of 4 .2015-05-25 06.16.18 Knit 2 rows Knit pattern row: K4, (YO, K2tog, K2) repeat between ( ) to end of row. Repeat the pattern row until it is at desired length to go around your head. Knit 1 row. Cast off.
Sew the two short ends together to make a tube which fits over your head. Then do a running stitch through the top of the tube and tighten the yarn to make a tight gather. Finish off by securing the sewing up thread neatly on the inside.
I found this to be quite versatile, it could be slouched down ( depending on how many stitches you cast on) or the top could be turned back to make a cloche shape. The fact it is mohair helps it retain the position you put it in..

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