Squid cell phone case – stashbust project no 18.

I live alone in a Victorian house, and like a lot of old buildings it has very steep stairs. I have fallen down them three times now and have visions of me lying there with a broken leg for days on end as no one will notice! ‘Wouldn’t it be a good idea if I could phone someone, I ask myself’…..however, if you are anything like me you can guarantee that the phone will be upstairs in the bedroom as you lie at the foot of the stairs with only a cat for sympathy. You can get one of those emergency buttons you can wear round your neck but I am not THAT old! So it occurred to me that if I wore my phone on me all the time then the problem would be solved, and whats more I could upload a pedometer app as I am trying to lose weight! This is the outcome, and adaptation of a pattern found here.http://iheartlollypopsknits.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/squid-case.html.

Now, I looked it up and for the first time in my life found out that squids have ten tentacles, not eight. Two of them are longer than the others apparently. Now to be honest I am not really a squid person, anything not cute and furry is not my scene, but still…..I suppose you can have a friendly squid. It actually works well, the only problem is if I lose the case, so I expect I will have to make another one so I always have one to hand. The only thing I didn’t account for is that the I- 20150318_123019cord stretched an bit, so I made a decorative knot in it, which looks kind of OK. The reverse is simply a reduce by two stitches each end to bring it to a point and then a button attached. The yarn is the same Double Knitting that I used for Lavinia ( previous post)


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