Introducing Lia and Lavinia the Lavender Bear-Stash bust project number 17

2015-03-19 14.25.25Lia is all of 5 days old and we didn’t know what sex she was until she was born. Since she has been home she has followed the time honoured tradition of keeping her parents awake all night and sleeping all day, although she has improved slightly of late! Its hard to know what to make for babies these days they get so much, but I did whip up a Lavender Bear for her to help her sleep ( at least that’s the plan ). The bear was adjusted from the excellent ‘Twenty to Make’ series, in this case, rather obviously, it was Twenty Knitted Bears. It really is a charming book and the bears are so easy, I would recommend it for all doting grandmothers.  This was Pippa but I thought it best to avoid some of the suggested embellishments. The eyes are sewn instead of beads, and unfortunately I didn’t think it was a good idea to add a little bunch of flowers. Shame, but better safe than sorry. Lavinia is stuffed with the usual bought stuffing which has been infused with Lavender oil and everything on the bear has been firmly anchored down! Lavinia was very inexpensive and an excellent stash buster – all of £1 50  ( just over a dollar), not that thrift was my primary objective!  Next on my list are some of the bootees from the same series and author.


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