Frosted glass tree pendant.

This was made with a little piece of plain glass which I tumbled. I thought I would see if I could transfer a print onto the reverse of some frosted glass but was unsuccessful. It could be because I have an inkjet printer not a laser one, as all the info I could find suggested a laser printer for this sort of thing. In the end I had to settle for decoupaging it on the back as a compromise. The outcome was was a rather ethereal image and I sealed it in but I have no idea how durable it will be, particularly if it gets wet! Time will tell! Rather oddly, it is easier to see on a light background. The little tree was an image from the Graphics Fairy site, which is by far and away the best site I have found so far

I tend to find visiting some American sites traumatic due to their historical inaccuracy. Hence  ‘Victorian’ or ‘Medieval’ is often used for the wrong era. It is most taxing. My son says it is used for anything old! Occasionally I succumb to the over- ridding temptation to write to them to correct the error! Fortunately most people are very polite and don’t tell me to get stuffed! I find watching many period Hollywood movies equally depressing. I spend my time zooming in on the roses in the background, and noting that they are modern varieties, or the hair is wrong………..or the material is wrong…………or worst of all the story itself is wrong!

The Graphics Fairy is one of the better sites, although the poor woman has been subject to one or two of my observations! ( I like history, you see).


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