Upcycled Frosted glass picture frame. Stashbust(ish) project 16

I have wanted a rock tumbler for some time but they are pricey, over £100 pounds to get kitted out. I have noticed that they seem to be a bit cheaper on Ebay if you buy from the US, but that is more than compensated for by the high cost of postage.

Anyhow, I managed to persuade a couple of my kids to give me gift tokens as a pressie for Christmas, and this is the result. The total cost was about £2.00 ($3), with most of the cost being the hot glue and the frame!

The picture frame was from a car boot. The rock tumbler has been trundling along there now for nearly a week. I have only left the glass in for about 12 hours at a time and used Silicon Carbide F80. I will experiment to see if I need the grit at all if I am simply rounding off the edges. I have heard that ordinary sand will do to produce a frosted effect, but live nowhere near a beach, so will have to wait till I go down there! I will do some polishing in the next few days to see how that comes out. I may try frosting it first and then polishing ( recommended by the shop) and just tumbling it without grit and then polishing to see if there is any difference.

I have been very lucky to find someone who will give me the offcuts from her stain glass making, the same lady whose course I went to. Its all in a bucket and needs picking through carefully and cutting into a more pleasing shape but still, I am more than grateful to receive it. I am afraid it hasn’t reduced any of my numerous stashes very much,in fact I now have six buckets of glass outside! But I am working on it………

I could also work on my photography, I have no idea at all as to how you reduce glare, but did my best. The glare seemed worse against a dark background for some inexplicable reason. I suppose I should learn more about how to use different effects.



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