Coat hanger Bauble wreath ( Sheesh)!

This SHOULD have been easy. All you need to do is to unravel a wire coat hanger, thread some baubles on and close it up, then thread tinsel around. Before you do that, may I suggest you thoroughly glue the baubles into their metal tops first? I didnt…with frustrating results, the baubles kept falling off, I would glue one in then another would fall off, plus the fact that they would put pressure on each other meant that even when they WERE glued, they still tended to fall out. If I were to do this again I would glue every single one thoroughly, leave them overnight and then thread then on. The other problem I had was because the baubles were different sizes they were quite hard to juxtapose…My grand daughter handed me the baubles, any irregularities are down to her sense of balance! We were supposed to be doing it together, which is why I didn’t start all over again.

The overall cost £6. If you stick them first I am sure it would not take a whole evening, which is what it took me.


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