2014-11-04 11.58.35 Do you remember I went on a stained glass course a few weeks ago? I was lucky enough to bag the offcuts of glass. I had a mirror I got from a car boot sale so I mosaiced the cut down offcuts onto it. Originally I thought I would colour the grout, but I just couldn’t get the grout black enough, all I got was a grey colour. I added black acrylic paint, still no good. In the end I decided to paint over the top of the grout with acrylic paint and that seemed to work fairly well. It weighs a bit, my daughter, who is a museum curator thinks it will have no problem hanging from the picture rail, I hope so too, the last thing I want is it crashing to the ground! As I got the glass free, this was very thrifty, costing about five pounds in total ( approximately $8 ). It qualifies as a stashbust because the offcuts as now part of my stash! I still have some left, I am saving up for a stone tumbler, and hopefully will be able to use some more then.