Revamped TV unit

20141006_163215How on earth can a TV unit look anything other than functional? The reality is that whatever you do a TV has to sit on top of it. Short of constructing another box on top to hide the TV this will have to do. I got the unit from the charity shop for £45. It is very solid pine. I liked it because it has a swivel top which can be pulled out or swiveled to put the TV at the right angle. Then there is always the fact that I like SOLID wood, anything which comes in a flat pack is always temporary if I try to put it together.

I changed the bun feet for Queen Anne legs ( I assume they are called that because of the fashion of the furniture at that time, rather than the actual shape of Queen Anne’s legs, 2014-10-06 16.28.33poor woman ( I must look that up)! The body of the unit was painted in ASCP in Old White and Old Linen. I transferred the rabbits using Modge Podge. I have never done that before and it took me several attempts to get it right, although I should find it easier in future.

The rabbits came from The Graphics Fairy

This is an amazing site, in my opinion the best on the Net. although the poor woman has to put up with regular emails from me correcting any inaccuracies. I am afraid I am a stickler for accuracy…today it was the fact that a bird she described as a Blackbird is actually a Magpie. Do they get Magpies in America? I suppose their birds are different, I don’t know. Incidentally the Collective Noun for Magpies is a Parliament, because when they are lined up they look like Puritans from the time of the Commonwealth…I found a site which said something else but they are wrong..probably because they were foreigners so thought they would invent something new as they didn’t understand the Parliament connection….however the Smithsonian Institute agrees it is a Parliament and we have been calling them that before any Anglo Saxon settlements in other countries – so there!   You can also call them a Tidings, God knows where that came from.. (Fortunately Karen at The  Graphics Fairy is not the only person subject to my imperious corrections, Fave quilts were emailed the other day to point out the their header ‘Downton Abbey Decor-18 Victorian Quilts’ was wrong. Downton Abbey was mainly set in the Edwardian era onwards…could they please get the correct reign as it is most irritating!)

Rant over and back to the TV  unit- I waxed it with AS clear wax, and the handles came from Silvermoon on Ebay, who have a great range of cupboard handles. The total cost came to about £80. It weighed a ton when I transported into the lounge from the anti room I had been painting it in. It took two of us about half an hour with rests in the middle!


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