Thrifty Froufrou table lamp revamp ( I am not made of money you know!)

I dont know whether its me getting meaner or prices going up but my latest moan is about the cost of lamps. I did manage to find some in Homebase for £8 which is pretty reasonable but some of them seem very expensive. ( I suspect I am getting meaner)..It could just be that I have got into the habit of thinking carefully about value for money.

Anyway, I mainly live on my pension. If I can save money in one area it gives me more to spend on things like travel

Here’s a lamp I picked up for £1 50 at a car boot. I was mildly surprised to find that it worked just fine.2014-08-19 15.58.06 As you can see the shade was broken, and the base was a bit boring. I just don’t like bog standard things that have no individuality. Here’s is the same lamp after I had set my hands on it. Again, its quite difficult to pick up detail when the light is on, but it projects patterns onto the walls. Now some people may prefer the original but if I had to stare at that regularly I would die of boredom. Now I am starting to think of it, I have very few things in my home which are off the peg. I just don’t like the fact that there are thousands of the same item in homes up and down the country, and I hate the way we just throw things away. I must be because I grew up during post War rationing.2014-09-11 09.02.38 I painted the base in Annie Sloane’s Chalk paint, Old White, and crackled it with a hair dryer. The lamp shade base was cannibalised and covered in strips of sequined voile left over when I had to cut my curtains down, and I added some remnants of ribbon to give it a bit more colour.  20140911_090617Everything was left over from previous projects. The total cost less than £2 50.



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