As I have some leftover paint in Annie Sloanes tester pots I thought I would have a bash at painting some outdoor pots. I also thought it would be a good chance to try making my own chalk paint as well for comparison, to see how it stands up. I went to B and Q and they wanted ridiculous amounts for the most basic pots, including over £20 for a larger plastic one! Ceramic ones were often £30 or £40 each, or even more! Can you imagine, if you have a reasonable sized garden you could end up with several hundred pounds worth of pots sitting outside!  It wasnt even a fancy plastic one either! I am not paying that!  I stomped off to the recycling dump to drop off some stuff and bought this lot of old pots for £3. Now thats a little more like it! I phoned up the shop I get Annie Sloanes paint from to cross check that it was true you didn’t have to seal them for outside. This goes totally against the grain bearing in mind our climate. I have got to know the woman who owns the shop and she told me that she had cross checked this with Annie herself, because it does seem unbelievable. Apparently you shoul2014-08-21 13.36.18d NOT seal it after painting but buff it up and it should be fine against the elements. I thought about this afterwards. If the basic ingredient is Plaster of Paris that does seem correct, after all, they dont varnish your arm after putting a plaster cast on do they! I need to get my skates on planting these pots with Spring bulbs and will give you an update  on how they come out.