Snowscene Napkin Decoupage

Isn’t it funny how we have certain scenes which attract us? I particularly like snow scenes and any sea images. This is an old plain Ikea glass lamp I bought a few years back -when I found a napkin with a snow scene I just had to think of somewhere to put it and this lamp has an uneven surface which reminded me of an ice cube. I must admit trying to attach 1 ply tissue onto glass is not exactly easy and at the moment I am alternating between trying to paste the glass directly or pasting the reverse of the tissue on a piece of cling film and then using that to transport it to the item an to provide a surface to smooth down. You may recall I have not done decoupage for over twenty years and so techniques like using napkins is completely new to me. What is exercising my mind at the moment is how to protect the decoupage after it has been attached. I have wrap around varnish but am not sure if it will leave a residue on the glass.  I will have to think about it and have tried it anyway. In the meantime I like the snow effect on a light. I have covered all four sides.  I hav2014-08-21 22.15.15e another Ikea glass light I was thinking of using stained glass offcuts on. I will have to think about that as well……I am conscious of the fact I still havent found the green wool…………. In the meantime I am sure there are people out there who a great experts on this, please remember I am not!



    • Thank you. I haven’t used Modge Podge either, we dont get it so much over here although you can buy it in Hobbycraft. My understanding is that basically all Modge Podge is is diluted PVA glue. Lying in bed last night I decided that what it needs is a light gloss finish to mimic glass, I am going to try a gloss acrylic spray on varnish to see if that works…I will just check out first if they yellow. I dont think so as they don’t contain oils…I will post up if I am happy with it. Love the dominoes.

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