Revamped Needlework Box ( this has taken a year)

It shouldn’t have taken a year but I ran out of steam after I had finished prepping it. You can see from the first pic that it was covered in the ubiquitous 40’s varnish. Some kind person gave it to me from Freecycle. In fact it was SERIOUSLY covered in ubiquitous 1940s varnish. I spent several weeks with varnish remover and sanding down before I could even think about painting it. At the time I chose a tester pot of emulsion ( latex )  paint but by this time I was knackered and there is sat in the dining room looking at me repoachfully. Now recently I have discovered chalk paint. …reputed not to need sanding down. More about that in another post, but at this stage I hadn’t even heard of it. Having recently discovered chalk paint I then rediscovered decoupage. Now before anyone says anything about the finished products I am doing, I have to say in my own defence that the last time I did decoupage was in the mid 1980’s.As I discovered it has moved on a lot since then. I was really put off decoupage by the dreadful decoupage sheets sold in places like Hobbycraft. Its all a matter of taste but I find them utterly foul, I dont want teddy bears holding hands surrounded by hearts, or ‘vintage’ motor cars, I am a grown woman living on my own. …and how many cards do I need to make?

I have however discovered Her collection of printable graphics are of much better quality, the only drawback being many of them are American, which is to be expected as she is in America, but does mean that there are few British ads, for example. Nevertheless, she has a lovely collection of images and I was inspired to use some. I only have an inkjet printer, although may splurge out on a laser one if  I end up doing it regularly.  The swan was from her site. With the internet and a better range of supplies decoupage has certainly got a lot easier than it used to be. So I am LEARNING and lesson number one, is having the cope with ubiquitous 1940s varnish! What I will say is that stuff was a lot sturdier in those day. I got sea coloured glass handle off Ebay, and had to get some new hinges as the old ones were very rusty. That took a bit of a while because an Imperial Decree from Brussels dictates that everything has to be Metric these days, and of course it was made in Imperial measurements. ( I stick to Imperial measurements out of principle when I am buying anything, bloody cheek!)   This has been patinated and finished off with Annie Sloane’s clear wax, which is beautiful to use and removed the excess patination very well.20140816_1251322013-08-08 12.46.29 All in all its cost me £10, plus a good deal of swearing.



  1. Very lovely, and it also looks like up-cycled. Decoupage is an interesting way of decorating different items, and I suppose, each item then becomes a separate work of art.

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