Onward and Upward!

Following on from the rediscovery of decoupage, I decided to have a bash at a tray. This is all the more surprising because I never use trays, I am rarely that organised. I am sure it is a matter of habit…I just carry the plate along moaning that its hot! Undaunted by this fact I still got one, specifically because it had a flat surface and was in a charity shop! The paint is Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in English Yellow and the image is from http://thegraphicsfairy.com/. I would have liked the image to have been larger but I can only do something up to A4 size! I gather you can do larger images in sections but that seems a mile away in terms of my current capacity right now. I used Polyvine Dead Flat Wax Finish varnish to seal it. I suppose this means I will have to try using a tray, I did have the novelty of carrying a plate back from the garden with it, it felt most odd and rather superflous! As you can see Annie Slaon’s paint is flavour of the month at the moment. I have been watching US Videos where people complain about how expensive it is, someone was saying it $40 a pot? Of course it is imported, over here its £18 95 a tin ( around $31), although I find it economical in terms of coverage. I havent tried making my own yet. Incidently this colour was very fashionable when it first came out in the 18th century,  you can see it at Brighton Pavilion (see  2nd pic)- the favourite retreat of the Prince Regent. A hugely unpopular man. If anyone is interested in the use of synthetic yellow in the Royal Pavilion at Brighton a good description of their use can be found here….http://www.scholarshome.org.uk/mdb3/royal/paper4.htm

At this stage you may note that I have not posted up any more of my Woodland Wreath. There is a simple reason for that, I can’t find the green I was using for the acorn cups……I will probably find it in the car or something. Its possible that Bella, my cat, has gone off2014-08-16 12.56.24 with it. Like all cats she never plays with the toys I get her, she much prefers my wool. If and when I find the green I can attach the next stage of leaves and move on!



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