Oh Dear, getting a pot of paint out is always fatal.

I was supposed to be weeding the garden! This is Annie Sloanes Chalk paint and I find it so user friendly I am completely sold on it. This is duck egg blue.

I’ve heard a lot about it so thought I would give it a try. We don’t have Mason Jars in the UK we have Kilner Jars. My daughter, who has never painted any furniture before also  bought a pot and finished a chest of drawers in an evening. You can see how much paint it took.  I seem to take longer, but perhaps I am either very fussy or getting old! I am supposed to be trying to get my mosai2014-08-02 19.48.52IMG-20140801-WA0001 (1)IMG-20140801-WA0000 (1)IMG-20140801-WA0002 (1)cing done while the weathers nice.. not to mention the housework….I dont know! That then made me start to think of decoupage which I havent done since the eighties, but which I am going to start again…oh dear…..


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