Aha! It appears to have worked.

Thought I would have a bash at regrowing my spring onions (scallions)  but cut them right down to just above the roots, before I read you were supposed to leave the whole root on. I put them in water for a few days and then repotted them, working on the hypothesis that they could root. They started to shoot quite quickly. Anway, this is the progress over a fortnight. Its good news for me because I live alone and get sick and tired of throwing out dried up ones from a large bunch. I only ever use one or two leaves now and again. The pot will have to come indoors during the winter. I tried Pak Choi but that didnt work, I think its been too hot ( we are in the middle of a heatwave here)  so am now trying with lettuce.  The sites say grow them all in water. How can it have any nutrients in if they are grown in water, I ask myself?  Last winter we had week after week of continual rain,storms and floods, the worst in living memory, I have onl2014-07-12 16.50.4620140726_192410y just been able to get my roof mended having been on a waiting list since Christmas. Now we have unusually hot weather ( for England). Who says global warming doesn’t exist? They should have been here last winter, never known anything like it! It felt like the end of the world, it was unbelievable.


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  1. UPDATE! NO it doesn’t. That plants lasted a few weeks but eventually looked so bedraggled I put it out of its misery. I then tried sticking them in water, that worked just as well, if not better. However they only lasted a few weeks and then I had to chuck them, so the boast you see on the net that ‘you need never buy spring onions again’ is something of an exaggeration!

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