Update on the update from the worlds worst beekeeper!

Capped honey.  Can you see which way up the hexagons should go? I wouldn't want to confuse the bees!
Capped honey. Can you see which way up the hexagons should go? I wouldn’t want to confuse the bees!

I promised I would give you an update on my bees……….well, hive A, the one that I took the bees from is a strong colony and is producing some honey. Hive B…dead as a doornail. No sign of any bees whatsoever. Hmmm…well it did reduce the numbers slightly in Hive A so may have had some benefit I suppose. It did work last year!

So I have decided to buy a mated queen, first time ever.

Prior to that I went to buy some foundation from Thornes. Now remember I was moaning about the old guard in beekeeping and how they mystify beekeeping and I never do anything right?

Overheard chummy conversation between shopkeeper and customer…..

‘ Of course there is a right way up for the hexagons’


‘Oh yes, if you put them up this way the bees can’t work out what to do with the foundation, that’s the right way, like this’

I am standing the other side of the aisle looking at the foundation in my hand…a right and wrong way to put the foundation into the hive? I turn it all ways, can I see any difference? Not at all. Meanwhile the conversation has moved on to judges at honey shows,

‘ You have to be a bit careful with this because some judges claim it produces a smell of pine resin. I’ve heard of some exhibits being disqualified!’

‘Really? Oh that’s a bit naughty isn’t it?……… Humph humph… After all I am sure it doesn’t state that in the rules!’

‘Oh yes, it’s very nit picky, but some judges have done it!’

I then go to purchase my stuff, and asked for some liquid smoke.

The man who was discussing hexagons is now standing next to me.

‘Liquid smoke! Surely you could just use water! Derisory laughter ‘ humph humph’.

Seller. ‘It actually smells of smoke!’

‘I thought that had been banned, it was for some time I am sure, you weren’t allowed to use it. humph humph’.

I mean for Gods sake! You see what I mean! Can some people please get a life? Does the world revolve around such minutia detail?

Armed with my non kosher liquid smoke ( which shows the depths I have now reached as a beekeeper), I look into the hives and find the bees in a good mood for a change. Perhaps they are starting to appreciate someone who doesn’t fuss about which way       up the hexagons go! I will try to move a new queen into a nuc next week….its clear I should be banished to the Outer Hebrides for undermining standards in beekeeping. It’s the thin edge of the wedge you know!



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