I only have about another 20 stepping stones to go! Plus a raspberry popsicle recipe!

Lovely weather yesterday. Sat outside drinking rose wine and eating pickled cockles! ( I like cockels they remind me of the seaside) This is now my 6th paving stone all but completed. At this rate I could well be dead before I finish the path. I am going to have to do some pique assiette ( broken plate)  random ones to save time! Fortunately some of the tiles were given to me by a kind freecycler, and the glass drops were really cheap in the pound shop.

On another matter, I am knee deep in raspberries, so I made some raspberry popsicles.

Raspberry and mint popsicles.

Crush some raspberries and add finely chopped mint. I added a bit of my own honey to add sweetness, not too much. I then topped the mixture up with orange juice, added one or two whole raspberries in the mold and filled to just beneath the brim with crushed rapsberry liquid.  Fussy people may want to strain the raspberries to get rid of the pips, but I think they are good for you!

Sorry I am not precise about measurements but just adjust proportions to taste, remem2014-07-04 14.59.19bering that freezing dulls the taste slightly.

Freeze for at least five hours in an upright position These ingrediants could be frozen as ice cubes if you want flavoured ones for drinks





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