Try ironing an umbrella!

I’ve broken my parasol so while the weather is nice I decided to paint a silk umbrella I have had stashed upstairs for a couple of years waiting to be done. The paint has to be fixed , it’s Setasilk. Ironing an umbrella is not the easiest thing in the world, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The worst part was the very top, I couldn’t get the iron to it and I dont have a mini iron…I must put one on my list! Its been waterproofed but its not quite finished, I may add the odd sequin to give detail.Not too many or it will let the rain in! I haven’20140703_090326t done any silk painting for a couple of years so am out of practice. Anyway, it’ll do! They wanted £22 for the umbrella originally but I got it for 7, hardly surprisingly, I wouldn’t pay £22, and obviously other people wouldn’t either. Trouble is, I looked at my broken parasol and decided its a shame to throw away the base, I might crochet a cover for it! So I havent decluttered at all!


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