Encrusted chamber pot! Stash bust project no 11

In the sort of way its OK to post up about! I got this for 20p at a jumble sale…to a round of applause. I made a short speech to say that I was not buying it for its original purpose ( although I live in a Victorian Cottage with no upstairs loo, so I have been tempted )!

I have been cheating, sticking a bit on now and again, I am sure I would have got a better finish if I had done it all in one foul swoop ( excuse the pun) . However with such a variety of shapes it would have been a pain. Anyway, old plates, sea shells and God knows what else have covered it, and I am very short of large plant pots.

I swear I am not going to use up all the stuff in my house before I die, but I’ll keep trying. I suspect it would now be uncomfortable to use as a chamber pot, except in the very direst emergency!2014-03-15 16.11.53 2014-05-22 14.13.20 The plant was one being chucked out by my daughter, it is a temporary resident.


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