Woodland Wreath-Stashbust project number 10

As I enjoyed making the beach hut I decided to do another project from Frankies Knitted Stuff on Ravelry. This one is her Woodland Wreath. I have knitted the wreath cover, which at the moment is looking decidedly dull. Sewing the parts of the cover together was not difficult although I found the curvature of the wreath made it quite hard to sew up beautifully. However as it is covered, one hopes, with bits and bobs that shouldnt show anyway I wasn’t too bothered. I am now supposed 20140427_152256to do approx 60 knitted leaves, if I dont lose the will to live first. I usually do these very boring things while watching TV, and I have several storage containers of greens and browns so this should be a great stashbuster for me. I expect it will take some time so I will post up pics now and again among other projects.

I have had a thought, I am adding this the day after I posted this! Thinking is not  always my strong point….. so the occasional thought needs to be recorded.

The thought……It would have been neater if I had sewn the sides of the bits together and then sewn round the back! C’est la vie! You live and learn. I shall put my brain back in its box now.


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