It will fight whatever I wear.

But I don’t care! Fortunately I have got a black coat. Made with Merino and silk throwsters waste. I calculate the total cost was just under £2 for the bag if you add up the Merino, lining etc, but I splashed out by buying a hand-made ceramic button which was nearly another £2 ..eeek! That’s shockingly extravagant!

This is therefore only a partial stashbust as I bought  something especially. I liked a ceramic cloud button from the US but the cost of shipping was nearly 5 pounds! God knows why.  So I settled for one from the UK. 2014-04-18 18.27.572014-04-17 11.56.012014-04-17 11.52.00The lining is a cut down Japanese scarf I got from a jumble sale..30p. The jumble sale has just put its prices up from 20p to 30p..thats a shocking rate of inflation! The beads, floss etc is from my stash. Now you may wonder how I can get such good colour matches from a stash- be informed that this box of floss is but a fraction of the amount of floss I have! This bag started life intending to be pastel, but I got carried away! I still have to trim the edges to level them down a bit.

Now this is the third thing I have ever felted, so if there are any accomplished felters out there…I am still feeling my way!  I didn’t find it too bad, the hardest part was fixing the handles on, one just refused to attach, plus doing the button-hole with a machine took me ages as I have never done one before. The next thing I felt will be pastel. But I have some sewing to do first!