Beach hut storage box – Stash bust project 8

I am very fond of beach huts, I have no idea why, apart from the fact that they always look so cheerful and remind me of Bournemouth where I grew up by the sea. How suitable therefore that I was able to make this cute little storage box listed at Frankie Browns Ravelry store.

All her designs are free but she requests that you consider giving money to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.  I love her designs and her altruistic spirit! I will be doing more of her patterns over the next few weeks. Originally I was going to do a whole row of little beach huts. I think they are so sweet I may make a couple more. A lot of Frankie’s patterns are good stash busters. This little beach hut is an excellent size for storing earrings! I struggle to finish items neatly, I am sure there is some awful person out there that can do better! It reminds me of learning to sew when I was a child. The teacher would immediately look at the reverse to see how neat the embroidery was. It was supposed to be as neat on the back as the front. A bit much to expect from a 7-year-old girl! I just caught the end of the Victorian era, in terms of attitude. Girls would have been trained for domestic service and neat needlework was a standard requirement for any woman destined to spend her life in the domestic sphere. It has left me with a legacy of having to undo things if they are not perfect. If there is an error it takes on gargantuan proportions in my senses, like a Belisha Beacon flashing away from the other side of the room and I often cannot settle until I have unpicked it!  HOWEVER, I am overcoming this Victorian phobia of imperfection and tell myself that I am going to enjoy my craft work  rather than slog at it! So there! Hence the finishing!

Hmmm. Avoid anyone who looks at the back of your work. Such critical people are bad for the sou20140402_134812l!



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