Upcycled Quilted Curtain Sample Slip Mat -Stash bust project 7

Another ( genuinely) thrifty project! Following on from the upcycled fabric sample mat previously published ( Stash bust project 1)  I thought I would try another variation with a larger sample. I love pansies. This mat was easier to do than the last and I am pleased with the result.The cost?  Less than a pound including the Scotchguarding. I simply quilted around the flowers. I have stain guarded it as it is going on the floor. Incidently despite stain guarding the last one it still got dirty quite quickly, even though I constant2014-03-13 12.23.43ly avoiding standing on it! Taking my life in my hands, bearing in mind the fabrics were dry clean only, I shoved it in the washing machine on a delicates cycle and if anything it has improved it! It has squared up nicely , although there is a small amount of shrinkage the quilting also seems to have been improved. Thank God for that!


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