The true meaning of thrift WW2 recipe postscript!

Just in case anyone runs away with the idea that pastry would have fat in it……….

Pie-Crust, Fatless

‘The Ministry of Food has issued this recipe, which will be of great help to those who fear to use their fat ration for pastry making.
Mix together eight ounces of wheatmeal flour, one level teaspoonful of baking-powder, a pinch of salt (and a pinch of powdered sage if liked). Stir in nearly a quarter of a pint of cold milk or milk and water. Roll out the mixture, and use as you would an ordinary crust, but serve the pie HOT.’

Now I happen to know that this was a highly unpopular recipe. White flour was forbidden, so it was wheatmeal flour, which if course is more nutritious, but the ‘pastry’ was completely unedible if it got cold! If you add this to the imitation sausage meat previously listed you can see what is meant by hardship! It was a low fat diet whether you liked it or not. People fought a war on this, and were healthier at the end than at any time in our history. Hence my amusement at the concept of ‘thrift’ being promulgated by the media…………..


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