Crochet birds nest/knitted Easter egg ornaments – Stash bust project 6


Ahh, a little dicky bird laid some chocolate eggs for the neighbours children
Ahh, a little dicky bird laid some chocolate eggs for the neighbours children

20140308_123829The sun came out today and we were treated to the sight of sun starved people blinking at the sky in disbelief. Surely after such a foul winter this is just to lull us into a false sense of security. No doubt snow will be on its way fairly soon.

In the meantime I am getting into the Easter spirit. I have decorated a curly hazel out the front with some Easter Egg ornaments from the Purl Bee site. I am in a hurry so relied upon the fact that I used sock yarn to produce any patterning.

I then crocheted a birds nest….

CH3, join to form a circle.

CH2, 3 DC ( american) into the centre circle.

CH2, 2DC each DC from the previous round.

Continue  until reaching the desired width.

CH2, 1SC into each DC from previous round until desired height is reached.

I used 2 strands of DK wool, but also incorporated bits of carded fleece, other yarn and rafia as I went. The whole aim is to look untidy, and it really doesnt matter if it isnt a smooth circle. I went over some stitches to add thickness and to increase the strength. Just play around until you get something random and resembling a birds nest! I used a tight tension throughout. You could use any weight yarn for this, depending on the effect you want to achieve. You could also use Eyelash yarn if you like, its up to you! A couple of ‘eggs’ will be laid in the nest over the next few days. More pics to follow.


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