Upcyled rags- Flowery rag wreath – Stash bust project 4

2014-02-28 10.44.56On my mission to stashbust I have made this wreath. I have always wanted to make one but was put off by the fact that I was convinced the glue would not stick very well and it would drive me round the bend. I needn’t have worried, I used tacky glue and it stuck very firmly. I bought a polystyrene wreath reduced at Xmas, and its been sitting there waiting to be done. Normally these cost £3 but mine cost one.

So if you dont count the cost of the glue, this cost me £1. I was looking at bought wreaths last Xmas and thought them overpriced and/or badly made. I think I will make some for differing seasons, this ones summery, dont you think? If you look very carefully you may see the remnants of the little storage baskets I made on Project 3

These are so easy to make they barely need instructions…heres what I did.

Take one polystyrene wreath, and some assorted rags, I found the easiest to work with were thinner fabrics. I also used up a few leftovers of ribbon.

Cover the polystyrene wreath with fabric, theasiest way was to cut stips and stick down in a spiral.

If possible tear the fabric rather than cut it as nature abhors a straight line. Make strips of assorted sizes and lengths. Experiment to see what width and length you like.

Make a small knot on one end, this isn’t essential but does give to something to anchor onto. Twist and turn the fabric strip and attached to centre as you go along. You can use glue to do this, but I sewed it, due to my glue phobia, I was convinced it would make a mess as I wanted to undo something if I wasnt happy with it.

Glue firmly into place on wreath in a random fashion. Some fabrics frayed so I gave them a haircut if the frayed edges were a nuiscance.

Attach a suitable  ribbon to hang it by. I did this before I had finished but you could do it afterwards if you prefer.

It did occur to me to use fabric stiffener prior to hanging but this would have cost money, so I didnt!

This took me four evenings to make as I am a very slow worker.



    • I know, it was changed to rag! I am very pleased with it actually…it was suprisingly quick and simple.
      Its almost as nice as my pot.

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