Upcycled curtain fabric samples – cushions ( Pillows) -stashbust project 2

On my mission to reduce my stash I have made some silk cushions from the the curtain samples I got from Freecycle. I love silk  but was a bit worried about how easily it can get stained. I backed them with raw silk bought on Ebay for £1 99 a yard and stuffed them with the filling from some sofa cushions I had replaced ( I was driving away when I thought ‘hang on, its fire proof stuffing, worth a few quid, I can reuse that!’ so turned round and went back to get them!). My main expense was that I decided to Scotchguard them to help keep them clean, so here they are! The cost? About two or three pounds in total and I made half a dozen. I didnt need a pattern because as I was reusing stuffing I could make them any size or shape I wanted. The  first and second pic is a cushion I made for my grandaughter, different type of material and I made it reversible. I embroidered the L with some leftover silks. tablet 088 tablet 087Just remember I am lousy at sewing! I am aiming to replace the sofa covers, just havent got around to it, its on my list of things to do!

Take no notice of the sofa!
Take no notice of the sofa!


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