Upcycled curtain fabric samples- Fabric scrap basket -Stashbust project 3

I am still using the free samples of material I got from Freecycle and thought that as my house was totally cluttered perhaps I should get more organised! I got the pattern for these from allfreesewing com.


Now this is labelled a ‘Beginners Project’.  Beginners or not I STILL found it difficult to make the accurate cross shape required and really MUST learn to be more accurate. In order to help I decided to try making a cardboard template first, this made is slightly easier.

The first one I made was the blue and beige one, however I had sent all the way to the US to get some  HeatnBond which is a bit difficult to get in the UK. When this arrived this morning I thought I would make a second one to see if it made much difference.

My first problem with the Heat and Bond was that I thought it extortionately expensive at over £ 3. 75 a pack! This increased the cost of the little basket to over a £1!! This was a great pain to me….still never mind.  Problem number two was that the instructions say’ Pre shrink interfacing by placing it in hot water for 15 minutes’ I thought I had better behave myself and do as I was told, however the pack fused together! Clearly the water was too hot! It took me God knows how long to carefully prize it apart and the air was blue! It would be helpful if manufacturers say ‘hot water’ they could give a maximum temperature, it may sound common sense but to me hot means hand hot!

I then rather grudgingly cut it up and the difference it can make can be seen in the pink basket. I had used Vilene for the first one. You can judge for yourself if it is worth it.  The pink basket was made with thinner polycotton material.

I will give the matter some considerable thought, I mean, £3 75 a pack for 20 in x 1 yard! I’m not made of money! So the cost of the first basket almost free, compared with just over a pound for the second. I could have used cardboard but I wanted something washable. Someone has suggested buckram, so I may try that to see how it goes. ( I am still begrudging the pound …). Image


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