Its reached the stage where I am finding it hard to get around the house! My loft conversion and  spare bedroom are hard to get into and  part of another bedroom and my bedroom are slowly being taken over! I have banned myself from buying any wool, having upwards of a thousands balls secreted around the house. At least 30 embroidery kits inhabit the loft, plus fleece for spinning, silk paints, God knows how many old ceramics both inside and out waiting to be smashed up to make mosaics, a pile of embroidery transfers, Aida, the list is endless. To try to reduce at least some of it I have decided to learn quilting, of which I know nothing about. I thought I could use some of the three box loads of materials I have got to make patchwork quilts…….however, material sneaks in as fast as I make something. I must get a grip!