I have not published anything on this blog for a considerable time. I was devastated by the loss of Boris, and two other cats in quick succession. I simply couldn’t bring myself to look at my dashboard.

The hot summer has encouraged me to go back to mosaics again, I can only really do them outside.  After over a year I finally finished the frame I was doing! That miserable looking child is me, aged 3. Believe you me I had every reason to be miserable!

Not content with simple things like picture frames I decided to do an entire path of mosaiced stepping stones. I am slowly improving. Here is my latest creation!

My first problem was how to make concrete, I have never done it before…….its not something I do every day of the week! I have sealed them, although this latest fishy one is still being polished off and will be sealed after that. I will probably have about four or five made this year….herein lies the problem- at this rate of progress it will take me three years; and this year the weather has been exceptionally good. I will put in the ones I have done so far in a few weeks time and see how they overwinter. If they survive I will try to press on next year. Without a doubt it will pour with rain every day like last year and nothing will get done. Still, its the thought that counts! I have tried to make them so the surface is not too smooth, knowing my luck I will slip up and break my neck when its icy. Lets hope they are still intact next Spring. Watch this space.mosaic frame1 fishpaving