Cuckoo Maran chicks. Four days old.

Looking decidedly cute

I have had some Maran hatching eggs. Out of six only two hatched but I think it might be my inexperience, I think the incubator was too cool. Anyhow they are handsome little ladies, both female I think. I had no idea it takes so long for a chicken to come out of an egg, its worse than giving birth!
I now have three hens laying, the Skyline still isn’t laying despite the fact the others have been laying for several weeks, the Speckeldy is laying eggs which are low on the speckle scale! The grandchildren have decided to give them names, much to my disapproval- the recent acquisitions are Sylvia, Goldie, Blacky and Snowy. No guesses as to which is which! The new chicks have been christened Sid (!) and Booby! God help us. I really enjoyed raising the chicks and will definitely do it again. The chicks are in a cage that would grace Alcatraz, as a security device against the cats. although so far the cats have ignored the chirping, obviously considering it to be some sort of auditory hallucination. A bird in the house! Whatever next!


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