One of the few simple pleasures in life, a comfortable pillow!

Well, at long last I am now starting semi retirement. Thanks be to God.
I have managed to get my hands on some bolsters. I put them out in strong sunlight to disinfect them as they have been in storage and have just recovered one.  I have memories of these from my childhood,and seeing them hanging out of the window for airing in a French hotel. They are not mainstream any more.  I suspect its because manufacturers don’t like making them.   I have found some on Amazon but they seem to be considered a pregnancy aid and I was not happy with the quality, only feather will do!)  I have also found a company in Edinburgh which sells real feather ones             (termed bespoke, which is another word for pricey)  for £30. Fortunately my friend gave me three.  It seems that the Great British Public is  likely to be denied such simple comforts just because its not profitable, so isn’t liked by the men in suits. Clearly we must all have our heads fall down the ‘gap’ just to keep business happy. I have stuffed it with Sweet Woodruff from the garden. They are so comfy.


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