Things are looking up in the hen department

I got four ex bats last year but two of them died. One just after I got her and another a few weeks back. It was a case of ‘sudden death syndrome’! I fed them all sorts of supplements but they just wouldn’t lay, so I have rehomed them. The two I had left were looking very healthy but I think they were just worn out. They have gone to a nice home with other Warrens and plenty of space to roam.I have just bought four POL pullets, a Speckeldy, White Ranger, Bovan Nera and a Skyline. I am hoping for a good variety of egg colours. Bitten by the bug I am also going to get some Marans. They seem very expensive so I am going to have a bash at incubating some fertilised Maran eggs. Now the females will be for egg production and the males for the pot. If the Skyline lays a blue egg then I should have white, brown, speckled, blue and hopefully very dark brown.


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