Settling in.


the solicitor who dealt with my mad neighbours last time has written to them for free. He has also sent me the legal correspondence from the previous owners. There are some aspects of this that are quite humorous. He calls it ‘a ridiculous long running saga’ It transpires that my barmy neighbours dug up the previous owners plants while they were out! It seems that in only having my planters moved around I have got off quite lightly!

Now the neighbours seem to have quietened down slightly I am really settling in. The cats have had their own boundary disputes to deal with. The road seems to have cats at every turn, so there is a turf war going on. They won, after all there are three of them!

The sun has been out for a few days, clearly there is something wrong. So far the cyclamens have survived being in my care, but only just! I keep finding them lying flat out, watering them, and then they revive. I thought they didn’t like it too damp!


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