No cider this year!

I very much doubt I will find the time and the equipment this year! I have two apple trees in my garden and have started to at least dry some of the apples. I wont be able to do any preserving either, I have no idea where my preserving pan has gone!

The good news is that I have a hazelnut tree in the back garden and it has quite a few nuts. Last year I collected wild nuts but these seem much larger so it may be a more commercial variety.

I have a proper fireplace so spent the day sawing wood.I really could do with a chain saw but am reliably informed that I won’t be able to handle it as it has too much of a kick. I have got a little Black and Decker Scorpion, that helps a lot, but the vibration makes my arm ache after half an hour! I hate having to ask for help, so if anyone has any bright ideas as to how I can cope with sawing tree trunks let me know! Bear in mind I am a grandmother!

One thing I do hope to do over the next few days is go mushrooming again, having survived the ones I collected last year!


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