My new neighbours seem barmy!

Apparently they had a long running feud with the previous occupants that they owned half their drive! This is despite the fact that the Land Registry clearly shows that they don’t. When I arrived I kept finding things moved about it took me a while to twig that they were coming on my property and moving things around when I was out! So when I delivered my cards to say hallo to everyone in the street they got a letter from me threatening litigation! Card, card, litigation, card……………………………

I have posted up some question on a forum called legalbanter, and very helpful they were too.

Apart from that it seems very quiet. My main aim now if to get the damproofing done asap and get enough firewood ( free) for the winter..I am lucky that I live fairly near the army ranges, which helps, plus I have managed to get some from freecycle.

I have stuck a very large pot out the front and planted a corkscrew willow and some red mini cyclamens to  give some instant colour. Now my friend was quick to point out that they have very different watering requirements.  I have left the cyclamen in pots, I am hoping that it will help give them dryer conditions. They DO look nice, but knowing my luck will be dead within a fortnight!


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