I have finally moved house!

After 4 buyers, and 3 sellers plus a month of homelessness I have finally moved in, thank God! I had planned to move into a buy to let I own but the tenants left it in a filthy state with a massive cockroach infestation, so I had to budge up with family and friends while the place was being cleaned out and refurbished. I am very pleased to see the end of that!

To fill in my time I went to the Oxford Records office to look into my family history, then off to Hertfordshire to do the same thing again. I must say genealogy is very interesting, I have learnt that my parents were never married, discovered a half brother I never knew existed, found out my great grandfather came from Glasgow was wealthy and had a woman and several children on the side, that my grandmother was 5 months pregnant when she got married, and that I had relatives in Ireland who went over with the Plantation.

On top of that I had an ancestor who died early as he was a zinc worker, a chimney sweep, God knows how many agricultural workers, an ancestor who took the Oath of Protestation just prior to the 1st Civil War, a straw hat maker, a guilder, a greengrocer and a female ancestor who was a ‘worker in White (made white leather gloves).

What a motley crew, and to think my parents were a ‘pillar of respectability’ ! Who said that it was the ‘good old days’ and people were more upstanding then! If I have learnt nothing else it is just how hypocritical society really was! At least we are more honest now.

I have not had a lot of time for hobbies for obvious reasons and I havent checked the bees in weeks. I had been feeding them a fancy feed which is supposed to build up their strength.The bee inspector wants to see them so hopefully I can go over in the next week to see how they are getting on if the weather is OK.

I have however managed to do a little bit of gardening recently, and have allocated a whole room for craft work.

The one fly in the ointment is that I have some neighbours who are bonkers. They have got it into their head that they own part of my land, they dont, but they keep moving my planters around as they dont like where I have put them.

The other day I delivered several hallo cards and one threat of litigation!I have only been here three weeks, why does everything seem to happen to me?

My new house does have a nice fireplace, being Victorian. All I need now is lots of wood!

At long last I have started to have some time for relaxation and went back to the Chilterns with a friend to watch the Red Kites. What beautiful birds. If only we could bring back all the wildlife we have hunted to extinction


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