If you remember I said that I was going down with apparent flu just before Xmas and I was going to take propolis and echinacea. Rather amazingly I got better and wasnt ill over Xmas! In fact this is the first time I have been well when everyone else around me has been down with the flu. Its hardly a statistical analysis but still……my Xmas wasn’t ruined. With the recent cold snap I am hoping that the flu epidemic might abate and I may possibly have got away with it.
On the UFO front I finished my knitted jacket and am just trying to finish a freestyle embroidery of the bayeaux tapestry ( only a segement I hasten to add!) I have been doing some silk painting and that has distracted me.
On another type of UFO, I see that up north there have been reports of ‘strange lights in the sky’ followed by the news that a wind turbine has been damaged and some people are putting this down to a UFO crashing into it as there seems no logical explaination.
I do find it rather bizarre that any aliens can travel millions of miles of interplanatery space only to crash into a wind turbine?
It does seem somewhat prosaic…perhaps they had a learner driver.