A finished UFO!

Happy New Year.
I am on leave for the Xmas break. I always have so many things I plan to do, this year it was to ‘sort out the house’ Instead I have lounged about doing craft work! I will make a derisory attempt at ‘sorting the house out’ before I go back to work to asuage my guilt….
This is one of a set of towels I have been doing for at least a year. It is design by Rico in cross stitch. I tend to get carried away with getting sets of things, they look nice when they are finished but it gets boring doing three or four of the same design. I am pleased that I have finally finished this towel, not so pleased I have two more to go! By the time I finish the third one the first will have worn out!

Unfortunately it has not reduced my stash, true to form I bought some more towels to do! Perhaps I should work on a ‘steady state’ rather than a reduction……….it may be more achievable. I nearly bought some more wool in the sales, but just managed to resist it! The next thing on my list to finish is a jacket that has been two years in the making……I bought the wool of Ebay, it was cheap because it was discontinued. Despite getting enough according to the pattern I ran out and could never find any more in the same colour. By some miracle it has come into fashion to have jackets with short sleeves. God must have taken pity on me!

One solitary towel ...er two to go.
One solitary towel ...er two to go.

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