A Xmas reflection

I hope you all had a Merry Xmas.
I wonder how many people in the UK watched  Mamhmood Ahmadinejads message yesterday?



I found it very interesting. For some reason I have always liked Mahmoud Ahmadinejad although I was mortified to hear some of his comments about the Holocaust, and gays.
However, yesterday he went up in my estimation.
Now of course all of these things need to be balanced out, although I feel his message was at least theologically correct. I am very sure if Christ came to the world right now he would have some very strong things to say about the way we all behave.
America has had a very bad press the past few years, although on a personal level I have always found the American people to be much more pleasant than their country’s image would dictate. Islam has had a very bad press as well, which is hardly surprising when you look at the behaviour of extremisits. It is unfortunate that a whole people can be tarnished by the unpleasant behaviour of a few in any country of the world.
I have a strong belief in the liberating impact of education.
September the 11th was a terrible thing, the Holocaust one of the darkest periods in history. It is shocking that some people have murdered innocent people in terrorist attacks or sawn off their heads as a reprisal. How can any of these things ever be right? But it would be wrong to think of these views as anything other than a minority opinion.
Xmas is a time to refect on our behaviour and perhaps all of us should think carefully about the impact of our actions on others.
Personally I dont think its the American people who are at fault but the Multinationals and the drive for financial gain. Its wrong to cause poverty or oppress the poor. Its wrong that any living creature should be treated with cruelty, and its wrong to ruin our planet so that it is harmed for future generations. Every living creature, be it human or animal has a right to live its life in dignity, free from fear, pain or oppression. The misuse of power has caused untold misery in the world. Its ironic that Saddam Hussain showed the greatest dignity when facing the gallows. Stripped of all power he showed greater strength of character than at any other time in his life.
I am coming to the end of my life but I have a great faith in humanity. I do believe we are slowly improving, and better communnications are a great channel for change. The saddest epitaph any person could have was that their life was wasted. We may not all have the ability to make great decisions, but we do have the power to bring about improvement in the lives of others. The impact of the way we practice our religion, shop, treat other living creatures and show compassion has a cumulative effect that can only be measured by future generations. All we can do is our best to try to work for a better world. But then what more can anyone ask?


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