The serious single sock situation shows signs of significant subsidence.

I have finally finished my second pair of socks this year and have found two extra single socks to make two pairs, so I am now the proud possessor of 4 pairs of socks! These are the Nuro socks finished. Now I have never made exact pairs but when I bought them I was told that if you start your second sock from the inside yarn you get an exact pair. You can see the result, not an exact pair but an exact opposite in terms of the flow of colours. Interesting! I enjoyed knitting them but woe is me, I have now bought 6 more lots of sock wool! Anyone following this blog knows that this is not the desired effect! My stash has grown yet again. I do believe I am in a situation where I may not live long enough to finish knitting all my wool….seriously! Meanwhile my hands are cold! I have started another pair of socks with some Alpaca yarn and a hat and muff set with some fur lookalike…..except I have now lost the pattern for the hat and muff!

I suppose it could be considered some sort of progress!

I think this number of the Noro yarn was 180. I have bought some 188. But at this rate I wont be doing it until next year. I have so many UFOs and cold hands! So the great glove issue has now arisen alongside the horrible hatless head situation……! Is there no end to my problems in life?

quiet colours, I thought......
quiet colours, I thought......


  1. Thank you! You are very kind!
    I think its fair to say that my family think they are hideous, and that I am bonkers…but what the heck they think I am bonkers anyway!
    I enjoyed knitting them…..
    I must get the UFOs finished, I will start on the handwarmers, so watch this space! A very small selection of my UFOS are listed under categories …UFOs’s!
    I knitted the Noro socks on a size smaller needle than they recommended as I read that being a single twist yarn it was a good idea to do so.

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