Another Bushism

I was amused to hear Bush describe America as the ‘worlds oldest democracy!’

Its that sort of arrogance that infuriates the rest of the world.

2000 years of European history just swept aside………………

for the record

Athens invented democracy……….

Iceland has the world’s oldest elected parliament, dating from 930 AD, however New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant universal adult suffrage in 1893, although the Isle of Man predated that.
In the UK we did have a little thing called the Magna Carta and a Civil war over the issue of Parliamentry supremacy…………………………..
Perhaps a history lesson may help to reduce the sense of self importance!
Doesnt he get any advisors?
Perhaps someone could suggest they go to
I am sure the whole of Europe is grateful for the US ‘s civilising influence!
A case of re writing history to suit!

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