The serious single sock situation continues


Well, I got as far as making one sock with Opal Zebra, and quite like it, but unfortunately I had to pick up my grand-daughter yesterday and while I was waiting my daughter suggested I looked in the local woolshop in her town. This is fatal. Despite having 6 suitcases of wool in my stash PLUS several black bag loads stuffed in the loft I came away with some sock wool.

This is Noro’s fairly new sock yarn. Er, I just couldnt resist it! Trouble is, I am in the severe sock shortage situation; in my sock bag today I found 4 lots of socks, 3 single socks and 1 pair! I was lying in bed wondering where my socks had gone to last night. Well, I now have ONE of the zebra socks completed, and the luxury of one warm foot! Perhaps I should report this to the Bureau of Missing Socks. This site is dedicated to the phenomena of single socks. I am not alone!

PS If you are from the UK or British I would be very grateful if you could sign my animal welfare petition on the Downing Street site. Its about the appalling treatment of animals in China. You can find it at and it doesnt take two ticks to sign.


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