I like Samphire but its hard to get round here. I live miles from the sea and its not economic to drive all the way there to harvest it. So I was very pleased when I came across a site that sold it for the garden. My next concern was giving it the right growing conditions. I have been told that Samphire needs salt so I have to water it with a ratio of 1 tsp of sea salt to 1 pint of water. These sort of conditions would probably kill any surrounding plants so despite assurances that you can grow them in the garden I have put them in a pot. When they arrived I only had one pot to hand so couldnt space them out much, but working on the basis they are essentially wild I don’t think that the spacing will be a critical consideration as it might be for other vegetables. I have had samphire as a steamed vegetable drizzled with butter and I like the salty taste. The pic is hardly inspiring, but I was very pleased to try to grow my own. I will see how it gets on next year. At the moment at least its holding its own. I will probably put it into a much gigger container after I have moved house, whenever that might be in the current climate! I will find a recipe for pickled samphire and post it up.


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